Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF book free download in Hindi & English

Are you looking for the best English-speaking pdf book? If yes then here in this article we provide you rapidex English speaking course pdf that you can free download using given below download link. There are a number of different books available on the topic of English speaking courses but some are complicated to read and fully understand. When you search for a job and conduct an interview at that time you can realize the importance of English so using rapidex English speaking course book pdf in Hindi language you prepare well for the exam and other purposes.

Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF

This book is for everyone who wants to improve their English language knowledge. Using rapidex English speaking course book pdf you can speak fluent English that a number of users already done with this book. Every concept is described in detail in a simple manner related to English grammar so any student can easily understand English grammar concepts. This English-speaking course pdf book is available in Hindi and English language. sp bakshi english book pdf is one of the best english grammar book for competitive examination.

Details of Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF Free Download

Book NameRapidex English Speaking Course Book PDF
Author NameRK Gupta
PublisherPustak Mahal
Total Pages771
Book FormatPDF
LanguageEnglish & Hindi

Overview of Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF in Hindi

Rapidex English speaking course book pdf written by RK Gupta in a simple way. The importance of English in daily life increases day today and if you do not understand well English then must read this Hindi pdf book. A number of the different chapters are in this pdf book that covers every English topic. Are you want to download rapidex English speaking course Hindi pdf? If yes then check the below section where you get a download link. Chapter detail we discuss in exact below section. you can the neetu singh english book pdf free.

Concept Covered in Rapidex English Speaking Book PDF


  • Salutation Words in English अंग्रेजी में अभिवादन के प्रचलित वाक्य
  • Exclamation Words in English अंग्रेजी में भावबोधक शब्द
  • Good Manner Words in English अंग्रेजी में शिष्टाचार के कुछ वाक्य
  • Alphabet वर्णमाला
  • Pronunciation of Alphabet वर्गों का उच्चारण, वर्ण उच्चारण, संयुक्त-अक्षर
  • Mute Letters and Capitals मूक और बड़े अक्षर
  • Frequently used phrases अधिकांश प्रयोग किए जाने वाले वाक्यांश
  • Numerals संख्याएं
  • Days and Week दिन और सप्ताह
  • Year and Months वर्ष और महीने


  • Noun संज्ञा
  • Genetive सम्बन्धकारक
  • Number वचन
  • Pronouns सर्वनाम
  • Negative नकारात्मक
  • Contraction संकुचन
  • Has/Have/Had के संकुचित रूप
  • Wil/Would के संकुचित रूप, अन्य सहायक क्रियाओं, (Helping Verbs) के संकुचित रूप
  • The Sentence वाक्य
  • Negative Sentences नकारात्मक वाक्य
  • Affirmative स्वीकारात्मक
  • Question Form प्रश्नवाचक वाक्य
  • Wh-type डब्ल्यू. एच. प्रकार
  • Alternative type विकल्पी प्रकार
  • Tag-type टैग प्रकार
  • Yes-no type हां-ना प्रकार
  • Declarative type घोषणात्मक
  • Imperative Sentences आदेशात्मक वाक्य
  • Miscellaneous Model Sentences विविध नमूने के वाक्य
  • Some Auxiliary Verbs कुछ सहायक क्रियाएं
  • Verbs and their three Forms क्रियाएं और उनके तीनों रूप
  • Articles
  • Present Tense वर्तमान काल
    Past Tense भूतकाल
  • Future Tense भविष्यतकाल

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Download Rapidex English Speaking Course PDF Free in Hindi

Here we provide rapidex English speaking pdf free cost that covers all chapters that is paid pdf. Speak English fluently after reading this book. Competitive exam papers must ask in the English language, interviews asked in the English language so for the preparation you must need to understand of English language and this book is for that.

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